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Saints Rookie RB Kendre Miller Anticipated to Make Season Kickoff This Sunday: 'It's Elating to Return'

New Orleans Saints' running back Kendre Miller is poised to mark his season debut this Sunday against the Green Bay Packers, following a two-week absence due to a hamstring injury.

"I'm thrilled, steadily regaining my football form and have been tirelessly working towards recovery," Miller shared, as reported on the team's official website. "It's elating to return.

"The journey has indeed been challenging, especially during the preseason due to a minor knee issue. And just when gearing up for the real action, I encountered the hamstring setback. But, it's heartening to be back."

The third-round selection showcased his potential in the preseason, following an impressive 1,399 yards and 17 touchdowns rushing performance in his final collegiate season at TCU.

Miller's comeback is a boon for the 2-0 Saints, particularly as Alvin Kamara serves the concluding part of a three-game suspension, and with Jamaal Williams likely to be sidelined following a hamstring injury sustained during their Week 2 victory over Carolina. Miller is projected to divide carries with Tony Jones Jr. come Sunday in Green Bay.

Standing at 6-foot, weighing 220 pounds, Miller adds a ferocious running capability to the Saints’ backfield, paired with unexpected agility on the second level for a back of his stature. His strength in dragging defenders for extra yards is a welcomed addition in New Orleans.

"I am keen on witnessing the aggressive running style I know he possesses," quarterback Derek Carr expressed. "I'm eagerly awaiting to see him exhibit that fervor on the field.

"As a rookie running back, the spotlight is on you, so hopefully, he’s ready to meet the challenges head-on and retain that spirited approach, keeping his confidence intact. If he's on the field, and gets to play, that's what I'm excited about. Observing how he performs not just in a preseason game, but in a real regular season game, will indeed be captivating."

As Miller is on the verge of his first start, excelling in pass protection will be pivotal for him to swiftly expand his role in the games ahead.

Eagles Head Coach Nick Sirianni Discusses Distributing Workload Among Backs, Commends D'Andre Swift's Performance

The first two games D'Andre Swift played in Philadelphia showcased a stark contrast. During the first week, Swift had a solitary carry for three yards. However, in Week 2, he shined by carrying the ball 28 times, covering 175 yards, and securing a touchdown.

Swift's exemplary performance in Week 2 potentially overshadowed Kenneth Gainwell, who couldn't play due to an injury, marking Swift as the lead back for the Eagles. Swift was on the field for 58 snaps, which was the third-highest in his career, and his 31 touches were the second highest he's ever had in a game.

The focus now shifts to whether Swift, who has a history of injuries, can maintain this level of workload.

During a discussion on Thursday, Coach Nick Sirianni, via the official team transcript, stated, "We're going to ride the hot hand. Is it sustainable? Well, he's physically up for it. I don’t like setting expectations on anyone. If he’s performing well on Monday night, we’ll continue with him.

"We are very satisfied with the efforts he puts into keeping his body in top shape. When someone runs the ball that way, it's challenging to not hand it over to him 35 times."

In 2023, the Eagles assembled a backfield of gifted rushers, albeit with a history of injuries. Swift, in his three-year stint with Detroit, never completed a full season. Similarly, Rashaad Penny faced numerous injuries while in Seattle.

If Gainwell returns fit for Week 3 against Tampa Bay, he might share some of the carries with Swift. However, Swift has evidently demonstrated his capability to handle the workload. Given the team’s roster setup, Sirianni has the advantage of continuing with a performing player until either their performance drops or an injury occurs. When that happens, the next available player will take over the duties.

Indianapolis Colts' quarterback, Anthony Richardson, sustained a concussion

Indianapolis Colts' quarterback, Anthony Richardson, sustained a concussion during the first half of the game against the Houston Texans and won't return. Before his departure in the second quarter, Richardson managed 6 completions from 10 attempts, totaling 56 yards. The fourth overall draft pick also rushed three times, accumulating 35 yards and scoring two touchdowns.

The Colts have since brought in experienced quarterback Gardner Minshew to take Richardson's place.

Stay tuned to Around the NFL for updates on Richardson's condition.

The New Orleans Saints showcased their defensive prowess during Monday's 20-17 victory against the Carolina Panthers.

The Saints have impressively held their opponents to under 20 points for 10 games straight, setting a new record in the franchise's history. Remarkably, the team didn't concede a touchdown in 2023 until the final 1:16 of Week 2, marking the most extended duration for such a record in the team's history.

However, head coach Dennis Allen wasn't entirely pleased, particularly about the late-game touchdown his team allowed.

"It should have been two full games without conceding a touchdown, so there's room for improvement," Allen remarked on Monday night. "While we've had some solid defensive moments, we won't rest on our laurels. There's always room for improvement, and we'll address what needs fixing. Today, I felt our defensive line and coverage were in sync, particularly our front line."

During the first half, the Saints' defense was unyielding, permitting only four first downs and a mere 88 total net yards, effectively stifling Bryce Young and the Panthers' offense.

In total, the Saints managed to sack Young four times. Excluding a couple of instances where Young scrambled, the Saints effectively controlled the ground game, allowing only 66 yards from 17 attempts. Carolina managed just 4 out of 14 on third downs and a total of 139 net passing yards. It was only during the Panthers' final 75-yard TD drive, with New Orleans in a more relaxed stance, that the Panthers surpassed 200 yards.

Notably, the Saints applied pressure on Young using just their four defensive linemen. Carl Granderson spearheaded the defensive efforts with six QB pressures and a sack. Additionally, Cam Jordan contributed with four pressures, according to Next Gen Stats.

Allen stated, "Being able to pressurize the quarterback with just four players, while having seven in coverage, is a proven strategy for success in our league."

The Saints' defense left the top draft pick, Young, looking less than seasoned under the spotlight. The quarterback struggled to establish a consistent pace and had difficulty making long throws. Most of his notable plays came from a few scrambles before the final drive.

“Unveiling the Fascinating Evolution of the National Football League (NFL) from its 1920 Origins to the Glorious Super Bowl Era”

Embarking on a journey through time, we delve into the captivating history of the National Football League (NFL), a legacy that commenced in 1920 as the American Professional Football Association (APFA). The league’s destiny took a defining turn in 1922 when it embraced the iconic moniker that resonates today: the National Football League.

A monumental chapter was etched in the annals of NFL history in 1967, as it forged an indelible alliance with the American Football League (AFL), heralding the birth of the legendary Super Bowl. Since then, this grand spectacle has crowned the culmination of every NFL season, pitting the finest teams from both realms against each other. The culmination of the merger in 1970 cemented the NFL’s eminence as an unrivaled sports institution.

Over the decades, the NFL has soared to unprecedented heights, attracting an astonishing average attendance of 67,591 fervent fans, a testament to its unrivaled popularity as the preeminent professional sports league on a global scale.

At the pinnacle of sporting extravaganzas stands the Super Bowl, a showcase of athletic brilliance that ranks among the world’s largest club sporting events. Individual showdowns within this extravaganza have consistently seized top spots among the most-watched television broadcasts in American history, with several of these encounters earning coveted positions on Nielsen’s esteemed Top 5 list of all-time most-watched U.S. TV broadcasts.

In the realm of championship glory, the Green Bay Packers emerge as towering titans, boasting an impressive tally of 13 NFL titles. Their illustrious saga encompasses nine championships captured prior to the Super Bowl era, accompanied by four triumphant conquests on the grand Super Bowl stage.

Since the inception of the Super Bowl, two dominant forces have risen to prominence: the formidable Pittsburgh Steelers and the indomitable New England Patriots. These franchises have each clinched multiple championship triumphs, etching their legacy into the hallowed scrolls of NFL lore.

As the paramount symbol of American football excellence, the NFL is an assembly of 32 teams, harmoniously divided between the National Football Conference (NFC) and the American Football Conference (AFC). Firmly ensconced as a revered cornerstone among North America’s premier professional sports leagues, the NFL stands as the zenith of American football worldwide.

As the regular season script reaches its climax, the spotlight shifts to the riveting playoffs, an arena where twelve contenders, six from each conference, engage in an electrifying single-elimination tournament. This crescendo of anticipation culminates in the monumental Super Bowl showdown. Traditionally gracing the first Sunday of February, the Super Bowl unfurls an enthralling saga as the NFC and AFC champions collide in an adrenaline-charged duel for supremacy over the gridiron.